Year in Review 2019


Philanthropy to support compassionate and exceptional healthcare in our community.

The Thomas Health Foundation, through excellence in philanthropy practices and cultivating giving relationships, provides valued resources that support Thomas Health’s mission to deliver compassionate and exceptional healthcare to improve the well-being of the communities it serves.

The Foundation was established in 1989 to support hospitals, past and present, that have served the community for over 170 years. We pride ourselves on ensuring all donations are stewarded directly towards the greatest needs of the hospitals and the patients we serve.

The vision of the Thomas Health Foundation is to inspire generous giving to benefit and advance the well-being of communities that Thomas Health serves. As a non-profit, we collaborate with individuals and organizations who share our vision, mission and philanthropic efforts. The Foundation is guided by a volunteer-based Board of Directors comprised of outstanding community leaders.

On a yearly basis, our most common contributions include providing free flu shots, offering emergency relief funding for employees, helping meet patients’ needs, awarding grants to hospital departments, supporting employees with scholarships, and raising funds for hospital needs. If there is a specific donation request or a need you feel passionate about, please contact our office. We are always willing to listen and work with you to meet your philanthropic goals or needs.


Help to Meet Patients’ Needs

Award Grants to Hospital Departments

Raise Funds for Hospital Needs

Provide Free Flu Shots

Support Employees with Scholarships

Offer Emergency Relief Funding for Employees


Dear Friend of the Foundation,

On behalf of the patients, staff, physicians, and Board of Directors for the Thomas Health Foundation, we want to sincerely thank you for your gifts and support. Your kindness and generosity allow us to fulfill our mission of providing compassionate and exceptional healthcare to improve the well-being of the communities we serve through Thomas Health.

As you know, 2020 has been a challenging year. The core of our foundation and philanthropic efforts is to create change now that will be used to benefit the future of our communities. We never know what those future needs will be or how pressing they will become. We never anticipated that our events in 2019 would be our last celebrations and times of gathering with you for a while. However, it’s because of efforts in 2019 and your strong commitment to improving compassionate and exceptional healthcare that we are able to overcome the obstacles of 2020.

Thanks to you, our 2019 efforts included the 4th Annual Rumble for a Cure, the 25th Annual Golf Tournament, the 26th Annual Charity Benefit Gala, and a special open house reception of our new Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Care Unit. Overall, you helped raise over $400,000 to help improve the care of your community. We thank you for your help in this spectacular achievement.

While the world is ever-changing around us, our commitment to the community remains the same. Now more than ever, it is critical and apparent that what our donors and hospitals do makes a real difference.

As the needs of our community grow, so do the opportunities for support. It is vital that our Foundation thrives during these times to continue our excellence in providing exceptional and compassionate healthcare.

With your help, the work ahead of us will be made possible. Because of you, assets to the community will be added, and our community will be better for it. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, thank you for your generosity in carrying out our mission and improving the lives for the people in our community who need it most.

With a great deal of gratitude,

Ashley Pack
President, Board of Directors

Lisa Lopinsky
Executive Director


100 percent of your contributions go toward supporting the Thomas Health Foundation’s programs and services. We are proud to say that no donor funds are used to pay the Foundation’s administrative costs.


Before any advancements start in laboratories, surgery centers or treatment trials, it starts with a donor like you. While the Foundation may help facilitate steps for change, it happens solely because of you.

You provide financial assistance to patients and families with medical emergencies.
You expand and improve health care services for the broader community.
You subsidize specific services critical to the quality of life for patients, especially the young and elderly.
Your purchase and construct state-of-the-art medical equipment, technology and facilities.

Our donors are a part of something that matters to all of us: the best possible health care for our community. When you donate to the Thomas Health Foundation, you directly impact the lives of your family, friends and next-door neighbors. Your gift, from $1 to $100,000, helps the Foundation provide outstanding healthcare services that our community deserves.

If you’re interested in improving your community, we want to help. The Thomas Health Foundation accepts a variety of giving options to meet our donors where they are most comfortable and when it is most convenient to reach their individual philanthropy goals. Gifts can be made for the Foundation to use today or deferred to generate funds for later use.



Appreciated Stock or Property


In-Kind Gifts

Bequests from Donor’s Will

Planned Gifts


Greatest Need
(Determined by Foundation Board of Directors)

Capital Campaign
for a Current Hospital Need

Support Specific Health Care Services for Patients, Such As:

Cancer • Mother/Baby • Cardiac Care • Emergency Department • Staff Education and Scholarships • Travel Fund for Patients and Families • Create Your Own Named Endowment (Minimum Gift Required)


Over $250,000 Raised for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Special Care Unit Babies
Over $100,000 Raised by Thomas Health Employees to Reinvest in the Community
Over $20,000 for Nursing Scholarships
Over $4,750 for Employee Scholarships
Over $9,000 for the Pink Ribbon Fund
Over $2,500 for Patient Emergencies


With generous support from our donors totaling more than $250,000, the Thomas Health Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Special Care Unit is now up and running.

The number of babies born in our community addicted to a substance has grown exponentially as the opioid crisis in our state continues. Of the 900 to 1,100 babies born annually at Thomas Memorial Hospital, 13 percent are diagnosed and treated with NAS. The NAS Special Care Unit is one of the few facilities in the state established to help aid and combat this issue through sensitive treatment, education and parenting support.

The Thomas Health Foundation, through the new NAS Unit, helps take care of these vulnerable newborns during and after their stay at the hospital. Our donors were able to support eight new beds for the unit, a family conference room for consultations, a kitchenette, overnight beds, and special caregivers to provide for the newborns when parents are not there.

Due to the nature of NAS, the Unit provides a wide variety of resources created with both the newborns and their caretakers in mind. The secured unit is a sensitive therapeutic environment specially designed for the NAS population to include low light, decreased stimulation, and quietness that are not present in standard NICU spaces. Specialized nursing care specific to the NAS population is provided including ongoing standardized assessments, appropriate therapeutic holding techniques with the infants, cluster care and minimal stimulation. Additionally, physicians are able to direct nutrition, individualized care and pharmacological therapy for the treatment of NAS symptoms. The Unit also offers educational opportunities for caregivers and consultations of social services and other specialties for ongoing support, resources, teaching, referrals and discharge planning.

Since accepting their first patient last July, the Unit is honored to have cared for 45 infants and their caregivers.  The nursing staff has undergone specific training to care for these babies, providing a therapeutic environment to support the needs of this special population. It is their goal to continue providing these services in a compassionate, non-judgmental fashion to encourage these families along their road of recovery.

This unit will positively affect the lives of so many and give our most vulnerable community members a chance to thrive. We cannot thank our donors enough for making this need come to life.

We would especially like to recognize Jill Ennis, clinical coordinator for the Obstetrics Unit, Heather Fouch, nursing director of Obstetrics and Newborn Services, and Misty Woodard, peer coach, for their commitment to this project.



Thanks to our generous donors, we look forward to providing funding support to Thomas Health for the addition of much needed 3D Mammography, helping to ensure the breast health of our community.

More than 40,000 people die from breast cancer every year in the United States, but we know annual mammograms help save thousands. Thomas Health performs approximately 12,500 mammograms annually. In an effort to provide our community with the absolute best in medical technology, we are creating a new unit to provide 3D Mammography technology to our patients.

With 3D Mammography, we will be able to detect more breast cancers at an earlier stage with fewer false positives than a 2D mammography. This earlier treatment of cancer will result in greatly reduced mortality and less need for disfiguring mastectomies or more advanced and expensive treatments. It also will reduce the need for performing unnecessary diagnostic biopsies on breast masses, which turn out to be not cancerous.


To learn more about the Foundation, fundraising events, volunteer opportunities, or to honor the dedicated caregivers who made a difference to you or your loved one or to discuss a planned gift, contact the Foundation at 304-766-4340 or



2020 Board of Directors

Ashley Pack, President
Mark Robinson, Vice President
Tim Wilcox, Treasurer
Pam Harvit, Secretary
John Brown, Jr., Member at Large
Eddie Bucklen
L.J. Fairless

Jason A. Lunsford
Brace Mullett
Tim O’Neal
Kathi Richards
Paul Saluja
Kay Summers
Sandy Young


The Thomas Health Foundation would like to pay tribute to Betty Faulkes, a long-time Board Member and committed supporter of the Foundation. Betty tirelessly dedicated her time to help better the community that she loved so much. Her talent for creativity shined in so many of our Gala designs that were always breathtaking. She will be missed dearly.

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