Thomas Health Implements Free Parking for

Saint Francis Hospital

Saint Francis Hospital Parking Lots

Thomas Health, in partnership with WVU Medicine, is pleased to announce that, effective 10/17/2022 we will be offering free parking to our patients and visitors in the Saint Francis Parking Garage.

Similar to the change we made at the Thomas Memorial parking garage, we will be raising the entry/exit gates at the Saint Francis parking garage and permitting patients and visitors (including patients/visitors of offices located on the Saint Francis campus) to park free-of-charge.

Note: this does not include the physician parking area in the garage; that area will remain reserved for physicians and authorized personnel.

Please note that this change only applies to the parking garage at this time. Patients and visitors who park in the ODSC/MOB North lot, ER/MOB South lot, and the Cagney lot will continue to pay to park in those lots. We are working with our parking management company (SP+ Parking) to identify ways to provide free parking for our patients/visitors in these lots, without allowing the spaces to get filled with other vehicles. Until then, we will continue to charge a fee to park in these premium spaces.

If you should have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us.