As the Linen Services Supervisor, Myrna Davis oversees all linen standards within the hospital, including delivery/pickup, par levels, modifications to linens, and ensuring the linen is of the best quality before sending to the different units.

Myrna began working for Thomas Health in May of 1963; she left for a short time in 1964 before returning in 1965. The rest is history. She has always wanted to help people, and she believes that laundry is a skill she is good at that could also help her do her part in helping others.

When Myrna was just two weeks old, her mother, who also worked in the laundry, would bring Myrna along with her. After 55 years with Thomas Health, she feels like she has fulfilled her mother’s legacy.

“Thomas has helped support my family. I have met so many special people that I have grown to love. This has been my home away from home.”