May 2, 2022

Thomas Health Transforms Laboratory with State-of-the-Art Total Automation System

Thomas Health is pleased to announce the installation of a new state-of-the-art laboratory system for Thomas Memorial Hospital. 

“The laboratory upgrade is just one of many improvements we have planned for Thomas Health over the next couple of years,” says Chief Medical Officer Dr. Matthew Upton. “The new system combines platforms and tests, which ultimately requires fewer samples to be drawn from patients. In addition, it also reduces the average time from sample receipt in the lab to the release of results.”

“My team and I are very excited about the new laboratory system; they have all worked extremely hard in getting the system together in such a short amount of time,” says Tony Aluise, Director of Laboratory Services. “It allows us to standardize and automate the process, which increases the accuracy of results, and our techs can spend more time on required manual processes. It’s great for patients and clinical staff alike; Thomas Health can better address special patient groups like oncology, geriatrics, and pediatrics with the new system.”