Congratulations to Josie Cunningham, our September Employee of the Month!

Below is her nomination letter from a fellow coworker.

This person is often given the task of working with some very difficult patients. Sometimes these patients lash out at staff, verbally and physically, or other times just completely shut down and refuse to allow anyone to help them when they need it most due to mental illness or substance abuse. Recently, there was a substance abuse patient on the medical floor who happened to be homeless and only had the clothing he came in with. Due to his medical issues, this patient had soiled his only pair of pants and was scheduled to be discharged with no other clothing back into the community where he would have no ability to wash them himself either.

Josie took it upon herself to find a way to get his pants washed for him despite them being covered in diarrhea. She called around the hospital to find a unit with a washing machine where she could take his pants to be washed. She personally went to his room, collected his pants, took them to be washed, and returned him a clean pair of pants to wear upon discharge.

This gesture has the ability to make a huge impact on someone who is often treated as “less than” by society. A clean pair of pants gave this patient dignity and a feeling of self-worth. Her actions also showed another human being that there are good people in this world who care about them. The empathy and compassion shown by this individual towards all of her patients are unlike any I have seen and she never draws attention to herself for going the extra mile. I have seen her work over countless times to make sure her patient’s needs as fully met, use her own money to help a patient obtain reading glasses, and even sit on the ER room floor with someone who was so paranoid that they had completely shut down just to make them feel less alone. Her ability to work with sometimes difficult patients and provide a level of kindness and love towards them is inspiring and she deserves to be recognized. She is truly an example of what all Thomas Health employees should strive to be.