I kind of did things backward. I chose where I wanted to go to college during my sophomore year of High school then I chose my major. I always knew it would be something in the healthcare/service field. My grandmother’s illness and death led me towards nursing. When I first graduated from nursing school, my dream was to do pediatric nursing. I was fortunate to be selected for a position in the Pediatric Unit at Thomas. Thomas had supported me throughout my nursing education with scholarships, so I knew I would be here for at least seven years. Little did I realize I would stay more than 35. Throughout the years, my focus has changed, from bedside nurse taking care of patients, to nurse leader taking care of patients and those taking care of the patients. Pediatric priorities changed over the years, moving from the hospital to the community, where we did outreach education in the schools and provided community health events.

In my new role, I will now focus on the present and future bedside nurses, bringing future nurses to Thomas Health and retaining those we already have.

I enter this role for a few reasons. First, to help bring exceptional nurses to positions with Thomas Health. Secondly, to encourage and guide individuals on their nursing journey, whether middle or high school students, through our Thomas Health Nursing Academies or adults seeking a healthcare career. Thirdly, to serve as the liaison between Thomas Health and your institution. Fourthly, I want to inspire my peers to rekindle their passion for nursing.