Matthew Jason Messer, MRI Tech, MRI

On the evening of 04/26/2021 there was a high speed chase on Rt 21 from Charleston to Sissonville involving police officers. On Rt 21 one of the officers hit gravel and went off the road and hit a couple of trees causing the cruiser to catch on fire. Jason was almost involved in the accident but was not. He jumped out of his car and pulled the officer out of his cruiser knowing the cruiser was in flames and stayed with him until the paramedics and fire department arrived on the scene.

Jason, without regards to his own health and safety, pulled the officer out of the flaming vehicle. He rendered aid and comfort need at a critical time.

The officer’s life was saved due to Jason’s swift actions. Jason’s caring actions and concerns displayed on this scene and at work are displayed every day caring for our patients and community.


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