Kim Oldaker started her career at Saint Francis Hospital in 1980, and has been a member of the Thomas Health Family for 41 years in our wonderful Human Resources Department. She loves to spend time with her husband, family, grandchildren, and two puppies Mickey and Minnie. 

When she isn’t working she enjoys being in her kitchen creating meals for her family to enjoy. Her grandson Ashton says, “Mamaw makes the best cookies!” We will have to take his word for it, since we haven’t had the opportunity to try them for ourselves (we will be waiting for our cookies, Kim). In addition to cooking, Kim also enjoys planting flowers in the warmer months, as well as dabbling in crochet, making baby blankets and washcloths. 

“I believe Thomas Health chose me many years ago. It is where God intended me to be for the last 41 years and I thank him everyday for the many blessings that he has given me; as well as the people I have crossed paths with along the way in my career. I would like to think that I somehow have made a difference in someone’s life by the work I have done in the HR field over the years. Whether it be a shoulder to cry on, being a cheerleader to a friend, or giving life/career advice. I love the family-like atmosphere and the camaraderie of the employees and the team I work with every day.”