September Employee of the Month

Zachary Adams, Housekeeping

When Zack was assigned to work the Critical Care areas a few months ago, he faced a daunting situation. Pandemic conditions had resulted in a gradual decline of cleanliness in both ICU and PCU, and both units needed a great deal of attention, with regard to infectious disease processes and surface decontamination. He soon familiarized himself with our routines and did not seem intimidated by his overwhelming tasks, but rather, eagerly accepted his duties with enthusiasm and a positive outlook.
I have seen Zach go above and beyond in the ICU during this busy COVID issue. Zach voluntarily wanted to be fit tested so he was able to help keep the ICU clean. I personally saw him this week taking pride in his job and it reflected on the tidiness of the ICU. I just think he should be recognized for his hard work, that it isn’t going unnoticed. Several of the ICU nurses also agreed.
Zack quickly demonstrated his high standards by staying over and working overtime routinely, because he was not bound by time, but rather by knowing he had thoroughly completed his assignment for the day. He inquired about protocols and policies, and displayed an eagerness to learn about his new environment. Several weeks ago, Zack expressed a concern about the cleanliness of the COVID rooms in our units. He had not been able to fit test into any N95 mask and was unable to enter those rooms. He volunteered to be fit tested again, and complete any education necessary to keep himself and those around him safe. He did both of these successfully and to the relief of Critical Care Leadership, as well as Infection Control, he began cleaning COVID rooms routinely.
As a result of Zack’s dedication to excellence, the staff of Critical Care have seen a noticeable improvement in the environment. His infectious enthusiasm is a bright spot in an otherwise stressful and challenging time that we are all currently facing in healthcare. His name has been mentioned more than once by patients and family members in feedback, complimenting him on his attention to detail as well as his pleasant and caring demeanor. We are very proud to have Zack be a part of our Critical Care team.